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Item #7889– "Death of Sarang"


Mark Sarang suffered sudden cardiac arrest after completing the CORRUPT DATA project. Sarang was rushed to the infirmary, but declared dead shortly thereafter. Dr Chun, the only other person present during the death, has been detained on suspicion of manslaughter.

Witnesses report that Sarang has been arguing for suicide as a “way out”. Many confirm that there was a certain logic to his reasoning CORRUPT DATA never thought he would go through with it. Sarang’s CORRUPT DATA level forbids any investigation into his files or personal life, but Theta security group decided that no company secrets or conspiracies could reasonably be considered important any longer. A thorough search of his room revealed… CORRUPT DATA …suicide note detailing his plan.

The toxicology report shows signs of cyanide poisoning which is confirmed by the suicide note.

Appendix: Photo ID "Mark Sarang"

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